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Standards and Accountability | Educator Evaluation

  • Yes. If an educator evaluation system is implemented, it is important to ensure that all educators are included in the system. By doing so, all of those responsible for the education of these students will be held accountable for their learning. Including all educators may necessitate the allocation of student results to different teachers. For example, a student with disabilities may spend only a few hours with a special educator, and nearly all of the school day with the general education teacher. Similarly, ELs may receive English language development support within the general education classroom. In such cases, decisions need to be made about whether the assignment of the student’s scores is divided proportionately among teachers, or whether all teachers receive the student’s score.

  • Student Learning Objectives are often used in educator evaluation systems. Educators define the objectives for students, and then data are used to judge whether the objectives were met. If SLOs are used for other students in a given content area, then their use for students with disabilities, ELLs, and ELLs with disabilities is appropriate. Serious questions must be asked if SLOs are used only to evaluate teachers’ work with some groups of students, and other approaches are used for other students.