Module 4: Audio 4.2

Let's think back to Emma's story. Emma's special education teacher, Danielle, talked with Emma about the upcoming state test.

It's important to include your students in conversations about accommodations decisions related to state assessments. In the Resources area of this training, you will find a form called "Accommodations from a Student's Perspective" that you may want to use with your students to talk about possible accommodations needs and preferences. Students may have some insight to share about what does or does not help them learn and these insights can inform accommodations decisions.

The Resources area also includes a sample "Assessment Accommodations Agreement Form". It is an example of the type of form that some schools and districts use. You could work with your students to complete the form and list their accommodations. The student could carry it on test day and give it to the test administrator. This experience is particularly important for students with disabilities who intend to pursue a postsecondary education and need to learn how to work with instructors to ensure that they receive needed accommodations.