AA-AAAS Bibliography: Inclusion Guidelines

Publications were identified using the methods below. Researchers searched four databases, as well as both Google and Google Scholar, using the keywords below, and hand-searched a number of journals back to 1995. Researchers also scanned the Web sites of research centers and consortia for relevant publications.

Publications should reflect one of the following:

  1. Investigation of AA-AAAS validity, alignment, administration, and use.
  2. Teachers', parents', and administrators' knowledge or perceptions of AA-AAAS, as well as descriptive studies on AA-AAAS administration and use.
  3. Standards-based content-alignment and academic instruction for students with significant cognitive disabilities.
  4. Policy and reform related to standards-based instruction and assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities, including articles on NCLB/ESEA and IDEA as they pertain to students with significant cognitive disabilities.


Articles published after 1995

Databases and Search Engines

  • Review of four research databases: ERIC, Digital Dissertations, Education Full Text, and PsycInfo
  • Google and Google scholar

Search Terms

  • alternate assessments
  • alternate academic achievement standards
  • assessment (severe or significant) disabilities
  • (NCLB or ESEA) (severe or significant) disabilities
  • assessment 1%
  • AA-AAAS (assessment)
  • accountability assessment (severe or significant) disabilities
  • standards reform (severe or significant) disabilities
  • large-scale assessment (severe or significant) disabilities
  • content alignment (severe or significant) disabilities
  • growth models (severe or significant) disabilities
  • standards instruction (severe or significant) disabilities


  • NCEO (https://www.nceo.info)
  • CAST (https://www.cast.org)
  • Center for Assessment (https://www.nciea.org)
  • UNC-C General Curriculum Projects (https://education.uncc.edu/access)
  • Pacific Assessment Consortium (https://www.pac6.org/document_list/)
  • Institute on Disability / UCED (https://www.iod.unh.edu/)
  • Vanderbilt/Peabody Learning Sciences Institute (https://peabody.vanderbilt.edu/LSI_Projects.xml)
  • Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) (https://dynamiclearningmaps.org/publications)
  • Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) (https://www.msaastates.com/)

Hand-searched Journals

  • Journal of Special Education
  • Exceptional Children
  • Remedial and Special Education
  • Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities
  • Assessment for Effective Intervention
  • Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities
  • Educational Measurement Issues and Practice

Excluded documents:

  • State technical manuals, administration manuals, or inclusion guidelines.
  • Publications with only a tangential focus on alternate assessments or students with significant cognitive disabilities.
  • Technical assistance documents with a limited audience.
  • Publications on non-standards-based instruction.