National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO)

The National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) focuses on the inclusion of students with disabilities, English learners, and English learners with disabilities in instruction and assessments.  The scope of NCEO’s work includes issues related to accessibility of assessments across the comprehensive assessment system including formative assessment practices, classroom-based assessments, diagnostic assessments, interim assessments, and summative assessments.

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Latest News and Publications

What New Special Education Directors Need to Know about Academic Assessments

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide easy access to information that will help special education directors fulfill their role in ensuring the participation of students with disabilities in assessments. The toolkit is meant to assist directors in locating information and resources on the NCEO website.

 The Formative Assessment Practices Landscape for Students with Disabilities: An Analysis of State Definitions and Practices, 2021  (NCEO Report #435) PDF 

This report outlines the approaches that state education agencies (SEAs) have taken in defining and using formative assessment practices, including practices to explicitly support students with disabilities.

NCEO Newsletter: June 2022 issue

NCEO Newsletter: June 2022 issue

The June 2022 issue of NCEO's Newsletter highlights NCEO's latest products and publications, the upcoming National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA) that include NCEO staff, and the forum that follows NCSA on assistive technology interoperability with online assessment platforms.