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  • NCEO Technical Reports: State Practices in the Assessment of Outcomes for Students with Disabilities (#1)
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    This year 1991 report provides information on what states and territories were doing related to outcomes assessment during the years of 1991 to 1995. It presents the results of surveys and reviews of then current state practices and future plans. The Survey of State Policies was conducted to: (a) produce a data base on state efforts to develop systems to assess educational outcomes, (b) assess states' needs for solutions t technical/implementation problems, (c) identify important state-level information and existing data bases, and (d) assess efforts of states to design a comprehensive system of indicators in general and special education.

    Published: October 1991
  • NCEO Synthesis Reports: Assessing Educational Outcomes: State Activity and Literature Integration (#1)
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    In October 1990 the National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) for Students with Disabilities was established at the University of Minnesota. Its mission is to provide national leadership in the development of educational outcomes and a system of indicators for students with disabilities. For NCEO it is necessary to give attention not only to the most recent research related to outcomes indicators in general but also to research that has been conducted in special education. The purpose of this document is to provide a synthesis of information that is available in the current literature. Topics of relevance to this literature review include (1) Educational reform and its current status in the United States, (2) Definitions of key terms, (3) Current models of educational indicators in both general education and special education, (4) Current states of outcomes indicators activities in both general education and special education, and (5) Critical issues in the development of a comprehensive system of educational indicators. This document will be revised annually in order to incorporate new literature and current events that pertain to the educational outcomes of students with disabilities.

    Published: July 1991