Module 3: Audio 3.2

SUPER TEACHER: Our district encourages teachers who need to work together to use a discussion guide to help facilitate collaboration. Sometimes it feels awkward –but it seems to help.

DANIELLE: Well, let's give it a try.

SUPER TEACHER: The first discussion topic is that we should get to know each other better. That seems easy enough. I guess.. pause.. I spend all my spare time in my kitchen. I really like to cook.

DANIELLE: Oh, so do I! I did a lot of cooking last weekend after going to the farmers market! I made an old-fashioned vegetable soup.

SUPER TEACHER: Fun! This is making me hungry.. What else do you enjoy?

DANIELLE: Well . . pause ... I also love to garden (laughs). But maybe we should we tackle something related to the classroom? I really really love teaching. I love my job. And lately I've been thinking about some accommodations possibilities for one of my students. I'm wondering what you think about the read aloud?

SUPER TEACHER: It can be challenging. We've tried doing it several ways-- headphones, MP3 player, human reader, text-to-speech on the computer. I think different scenarios call for different solutions. And some teachers have their own preferences.

DANIELLE: That's true. I guess it's about finding what works for you...