Module 4: Audio 4.1

Something that we haven't discussed yet is ethical testing practices and test security. It's important to let my students show what they know. When providing the read aloud accommodation, I am careful to read each test item word-for-word and not to use inflection in ways that might provide clues. It can be easy to give hints or clues – without even knowing it. For example, I wouldn't want to prompt the students in any way that would result in a better response, by hesitating, or making any facial expressions that might suggest that they are making an incorrect response.

I also take special care to monitor and restrict students asking questions during the test. If the question is clearly related to what the item is asking, then I can't answer it.

My students and I have worked really hard. I've taught them the content—and they are ready to show what they know. The use of unethical practices would hurt—not help– them.