Module 5: Audio 5.2

SUPER TEACHER: It's been really fun getting to know Emma's teachers and watching their relationships with Emma and each other grow. Let's take a moment to talk with the two of them about working together. How has working with Emma affected your collegial relationship?

DANIELLE: My colleague, Lisa Coleman, has been a great partner in the process of making decisions about Emma's accommodations.

LISA: Thank you, Danielle. I think we make a good team.

DANIELLE: But I think we can agree that it was not always so easy. Cooperation and collaboration take some time to develop.

LISA: It was hard to share center stage at first. We both thought we knew what was best.

DANIELLE: Now I take more time to listen. Maybe I do not have all the answers.

LISA: And I am keeping an open mind. Just because it was not my idea [emphasis added] does not mean that it won't work.

DANIELLE: I think we both can agree to share center stage. No one can do it alone. Not even so-called "super teachers!"