Module 5: Audio 5.3

SUPER TEACHER: Let's take a moment to talk with Emma's mother, Kathy. Now that Emma has finished the "big test," how do you feel about her accommodations?

KATHY: I feel really good. I know that Emma's teachers, Danielle and Lisa, worked hard to help her succeed.

SUPER TEACHER: Why do you think it was such a good experience?

KATHY: In the past, I have not had good luck with teachers. I did not feel like they were doing all that they could for Emma. But this time I felt like Emma's teachers were committed to helping her succeed. They even asked for my thoughts on ways to help Emma learn. I thought that was really cool.

SUPER TEACHER: What are your thoughts about next year? Emma's going to be an eighth grader.

KATHY: I know. I can't believe it! Hopefully Emma will keep improving in math and in her other classes, too. Emma is a smart girl. I want her to go to college and reach her goals.