Module 1: Video 1.1

Hi! [My name is Michaela, and I play the part of Emma Rogers] in the videos that you will see throughout this training. You will be able to follow Emma's story and watch how it relates to making decisions for accommodations.

Let me tell you a little about Emma. She is a seventh grader at Stellar Middle School. She has one brother and two sisters. Her brother is in high school and her sisters are younger than Emma. She doesn't have any pets, but she wants her Mom to get one. She would like a dog. And a cat. And gerbils. At least for a start. She really likes animals. One day Emma wants to be a veterinarian.

At school, Emma likes to hang out with her friends. She would rather talk to her friends than go to class! If she had to pick a favorite class, it would be Science. In Science, she created a presentation about whales using the computer. Her teacher said she did really well.

But there are some things Emma does not like about school. She knows she doesn't read as well as her friends. She doesn't like to read out loud during any class. But Emma likes to read with her special education teacher, Ms. Adams. She is a good teacher, and she knows how to help when she is having difficulty.

Emma has a disability. That is why it takes her longer to learn new things. And she's trying hard. Emma wants to do well so she can go to college someday. As you watch Emma's story unfold, you will see that having a disability does not mean that Emma can't learn.