Module 1: Video 1.2

Danielle is a special educator. She provides one-on-one instruction for Emma in the area of reading. Lisa is a general educator. She teaches seventh grade mathematics.

DANIELLE: Enters Lisa's classroom It is Lisa's planning period. Knocks on door. Lisa looks up. Hey Lisa, how are you doing? I know that you have a lot on your plate. Do you have a few minutes to talk about Emma? I'm a bit worried about her.

LISA: (apologetically) Hi Danielle. I have to leave pretty soon. But yeah, let's talk for a few minutes.

DANIELLE: Great. Thanks. So, I'm pretty certain that Emma knows and understands the material in her classes, but I think she's having a hard time showing it. She's really struggling, especially in reading. And, she's been missing quite a few assignments. I'm wondering if this is what you have been seeing too?

LISA: Well, yeah. She's not doing so well in math either, I think, because she has a hard time with focusing. And, she's missing assignments in my class, too. But I have five other students just like her, you know? It's hard to keep her engaged and on track.

DANIELLE: Yeah, I understand. I just want to make sure that her needs are being met. She's really having a hard time. What do you think is most difficult for Emma during class?

LISA: Sometimes I think if she could just calm down and focus. But I have a hard time making that happen. She seems easily distracted. I will spend an entire class hour explaining something important on the board, and she will have nothing written in her notes.

DANIELLE: Have you had any ideas about how we might help her?

LISA: I've tried different things, like giving her a few extra days on her assignments, but she's still late, or when she does turn them in, they aren't completed. I'm not really sure I'm doing anything that is effective.

DANIELLE: Well, let's talk more about some possibilities. I'd really like to get your input.

LISA: (hesitant) Yeah…ok. Unfortunately I've got to go. How about I send you an e-mail about some of the strategies I have been trying with Emma?

DANIELLE: That'd be great! Oh, and I'll also call Emma's mother. I've seen her several times at teacher/parent conferences this year. I want to include her in this. And, she may have something important to add.

LISA: Good. And, we can talk about this later, too. In the meantime, I'll do some thinking.

DANIELLE: Great! When's a good time?

LISA: Before school is always best. I've got track after school, so I'm always busy then.

DANIELLE: How about Monday?

LISA: Works for me. See you then Danielle.