Module 1: Video 1.3

The call is a follow-up from the conversation between Lisa and Danielle. Emma's teacher wants to know more about some of the strategies that Emma's mother uses to help her focus, or to prevent her from becoming distracted.

DANIELLE: Seated at her desk. Dials Ms. Rogers's phone number.

KATHY: Hello?

DANIELLE: Hello, Ms. Rogers. This is Emma's special education teacher, Danielle Adams. Do you have a moment to talk?

KATHY: Ah, sure, I'm actually leaving soon to pick Emma up at school, but I've got a few minutes. [Pause.] Is there a problem?

DANIELLE: Well, I just wanted to talk for a moment about Emma because she is having some difficulty in her classes. Often, she has a hard time paying attention, especially when sitting close to her friends. She doesn't often take notes during class, and I am concerned that she is not picking up on new material. Also, she's missing assignments.

KATHY: Yeah, I remember we talked about that during conferences [pause] …you suggested that I check her planner often. I have been checking but she doesn't write everything down. So, I'm not sure what she's missing.

DANIELLE: Would it help if I sent you a list of assignments? I've been talking to her teachers, and I can e-mail something to you.

KATHY: That might help.

DANIELLE: Great. Is there anything that you might suggest for helping Emma to focus? Anything that works well at home?

KATHY: Hmmm, what exactly do you mean by 'focus'?

DANIELLE: Well, like I said, sometimes Emma is off-task. She might be talking with her friends, or doing something unrelated to the lesson.

KATHY: Well, she is easily distracted by a zillion different things at home. Speaking of which, (small laugh and keys jingling) I do need to get going to pick Emma up or I'm going to be late.

DANIELLE: Not a problem. Thanks for chatting with me. Maybe we can talk again when you have more time?

KATHY: Yes, thanks for keeping me in the loop. Let's keep in touch.