Module 1: Video 1.4

Emma and her mother are in the kitchen. Emma has just returned from school. Emma is drinking a juice at the kitchen table.

KATHY: How was school today?

EMMA: It was okay.

KATHY: How are you doing in your classes?

EMMA: I don't know. Fine, I guess.

KATHY: I talked with your special education teacher today -- Ms. Adams, about what's happening in some of your classes.

EMMA: Looks up at her mother. Why? What did she say about me?

KATHY: Oh, she just wanted to talk about how you were doing.

EMMA: Oh. Can I go on the computer now?

KATHY: Actually, I want to talk to you for just a second. Ms. Adams said that you had a few assignments missing. Have you been writing them in your planner?

EMMA: Yes.

KATHY: Can I take a look at your planner?

EMMA: Emma gets the planner out of backpack. Puts it on the table. Opens to today's entry.

KATHY: I don't see any assignments written down for today. Is that right?

EMMA: I don't know. I don't think we had any assignments today.

KATHY: So, Emma. You really need to remember to write your assignments down. I can't help you if I don't know what the assignments are.

EMMA: Okay. Can I use the computer now?

KATHY: In a moment. Ms. Adams also said that you are talking a lot in class, and not doing your work.

EMMA: Do we have to talk about this?

KATHY: Just for a minute- then you can play on the computer. [Pause]. What is math class like?

EMMA: I don't know. I don't think my teacher likes me. She's always telling me to stop talking to my friends.

KATHY: Should you be talking during class?

EMMA: I don't know. Sometimes she lets us work on assignments together.

KATHY: How about when she is teaching? Do you talk to your friends then?

EMMA: I don't know.

KATHY: You've been a good math student before. Why do you think you are having trouble this year?

EMMA: Sometimes my teacher talks really fast. And, she writes a lot on the board. It's hard for me to write it all down.

KATHY: Okay. Thanks for telling me all that. Is there a way I can help?

EMMA: I don't know.

KATHY: Why don't you think about it, and I'll talk to Ms. Adams a bit more. How are your other classes going?

EMMA: We showed our projects today in Science. I did mine on whales. It's on the computer. Do you wanna see?

KATHY: Alright. You can show me. She gets up from her seat. But I want to talk about this later. I just want you to do your best. Looks at her daughter. I think you are wonderful and I know we can help you to do better in your classes.

EMMA: Smiling. Yeah…okay. Pause. Come here! Emma leads her mom to the computer. Exit scene.