Module 2: Video 2.2

DANIELLE: Hey Emma. How's it going today? Emma is walking into the resource room.

EMMA: Okay.

DANIELLE: Having a good day?

EMMA: Pretty good.

DANIELLE: Before we start our lesson today, I wanted to talk to you for a bit. Does that sound good?

EMMA: Alright. Emma shrugs her shoulders.

DANIELLE: Great. Emma, you know that I'm impressed with how much you are learning this year. I am really proud of you.

EMMA: Thanks.

DANIELLE: You're doing well. And, I know that you can keep improving. What do you think?

EMMA: Yeah.

DANIELLE: Good. Today, I'd like to talk with you about your classes. To help you improve even more, I need to know what is or is not helping you learn. Does that sound okay?

EMMA: Sure.

DANIELLE: Thanks! Can you tell me about your 'best' class?

EMMA: I'm doing really well in Gym and Science.

DANIELLE: Great! Tell me a little more about Science. What do you do well in this class?

EMMA: I like working on Science projects. I got an 'A' on the last project. And we get to work on the computer!

DANIELLE: Do you work in groups?

EMMA: Yeah.

DANIELLE: Do you like that?

EMMA: Yeah. I like talking with my friends.

DANIELLE: Well that's great. It sounds like you really like working on the computer and with your friends in groups. Does that sound right?

EMMA: Yep.

DANIELLE: Good. What about your 'hardest' class?

EMMA: I don't know.

DANIELLE: I noticed that you have had some difficulty in math this year. In the past you always did well in math. Is there anything different this year?

EMMA: I don't know.

DANIELLE: It might be hard, but the more you tell me about math, the more I can help you.

EMMA: Mm. Pause. Well sometimes my teacher talks really fast and I can't write it all down.

DANIELLE: Does she write problems and notes on the whiteboard?

EMMA: Lots and LOTS of stuff.

DANIELLE: Anything else 'hard' about math?

EMMA: My homework is hard. You have to write down how you found the answers.

DANIELLE: Do you have trouble explaining your answer?

EMMA: Kinda. We have to read from the math book and then answer the problem. And my teacher says I have to use the same words the book uses.

DANIELLE: Okay, so if I'm hearing you right, math is 'hard' because trying to explain your answers with the same words the book uses is hard. And taking so many notes is also hard.

EMMA: Yeah!

DANIELLE: Okay. Well, talking to you has really helped me. Have you ever heard the term 'accommodation' before?

EMMA: I don't know.

DANIELLE: An accommodation is something that can help you understand your lessons better. So you've been telling me about your math homework and said that it's hard because you have to explain your work using what you read in the math textbook, right?

EMMA: Yeah.

DANIELLE: Well we might be able to find another way to help you. For example, you could listen to a recording of the textbook at the same time as you read it, instead of just reading it. An accommodation is just like that—another way to help you learn what you're supposed to learn. And we could also try to find a way to help you when your teacher is talking really fast and you're having trouble writing it all down. You like to work on the computer right?

EMMA: Yeah. Can I work on the computer more?

DANIELLE: Well, I'm thinking we might find a way for you to keep track of your notes and assignments on the computer. Why don't we talk some more about it and make a list of accommodations together that will be helpful to you...