Module 3: Video 3.2

DANIELLE: If we decide to use the read aloud accommodation, we'll have to think more about how we will implement it. Did you have a chance to look for an audio version to Emma's text that she could use on the computer?

LISA: Yes. I did find something but I still have to order it.

DANIELLE: Great. We'll also want to track Emma's performance with and without the accommodation. Hands over sheet of paper. We can use this graph to monitor her performance.

LISA: Takes a look. Looks good. Could you send me an electronic copy? It might be easier to record the data that way.

DANIELLE: Sure. No problem.

LISA: Will Emma receive the accommodation every week?

DANIELLE: I think we should alternate weeks- so that she will receive the accommodation every other week to see if it helps.

LISA: Okay. That makes sense. I'll let you know if I have questions. Also, I've been doing some thinking about how to address Emma's organizational issues and have come up with an idea to use some kind of template for note-taking. Did you get my e-mail?

DANIELLE: I did see that you had mentioned that in an e-mail but I haven' t had a chance to look at it yet. Tell me more!

LISA: It would be a set of partially completed notes about a lesson and then Emma would continue with the notes and fill-in-the-blanks herself.

DANIELLE: That sounds like a good idea! Why don't I take a look at it and then we can talk about it more.

LISA: Sounds good.

DANIELLE: And why don't we talk a little bit about our plan for Emma's next IEP team meeting. I know that her mother would like to know more about what we are thinking. And, hopefully, the other team members will be interested in using the read-aloud accommodation to help Emma access instruction.