Module 3: Video 3.4

DANIELLE: Hi! How's it going?

LISA: Lisa is seated at her desk. Good! Come on in.

DANIELLE: Emma says she likes using the read aloud accommodation for her classroom math tests and that she understanding the questions better. Pause. Do you know if her scores have improved?

LISA: That's good to hear. Here, let's take a look. Let me bring her quiz scores graph up. Lisa pulls Emma's graph (p. 23 of Emma's student profile) up on the computer. Video should focus on the graph as the teachers discuss. I'd say that this is encouraging. Her performance has improved over time. Points to increasing slope for Emma's test scores. If you look at this nine-week period you can see a great improvement in her scores.

DANIELLE: And, I see that while her scores have gone up in general, they've improved at a greater rate while using the read aloud accommodation. It seems to be helping.