Module 4: Video 4.2

DANIELLE: It's always so hard to figure out how to make sure all of the students get the accommodations they need on test day.

BOB: I'm here to help figure out the logistics. Thanks for completing the district's form about Emma's accommodation needs on test day. It really helped me prepare for this meeting.

DANIELLE: I know that Emma is not the only student who needs the read aloud administration for the state test.

BOB: Our biggest problem is limited space. The test should be read aloud in a quiet area where it will not distract other students —and we only have a limited number of qualified test administrators.

DANIELLE: And it always seems like I need to be in about ten places at the same time.

BOB: Let's see. There are other students who need the read aloud and Emma will take the test in a small group with these kids. I've been thinking about who could administer it. I know that Mr. Torres teaches science to all of the 7th graders … (trails off)

DANIELLE: Yeah. That's a good idea. She knows him and so that should be fairly comfortable for her. So you're thinking that he could take care of this particular group of students?

BOB: Yes. But I'm not sure if he's ever previously administered the read aloud accommodation. I'll meet with him and check to see if he needs training on how to appropriately administer this accommodation.

DANIELLE: Sounds good! Thanks for following up on all these details.