Module 4: Video 4.3

DANIELLE: Let's talk for a moment about your accommodation. You know how I read your math quizzes aloud?

EMMA: Uh-huh.

DANIELLE: You can use this accommodation on other tests, too. Have you heard Ms. Coleman talk about the state test in math class?

EMMA: You mean the "big" test? We talk about it a lot.

DANIELLE: We can use the same accommodation on the "big" test as you use on the math quizzes. [Pause]. Let's think about it this way. When I read the questions to you on your math quiz, how does it help you?

EMMA: I'm not sure. [Pause]. I guess I don't take as long to read the question. I take more time to think about the math.

DANIELLE: On the "big" test, your accommodation might work the same way. It will help you to focus on the math [emphasis added] - rather than focusing on reading the question. What do you think about that?

EMMA: Okay!