Module 4: Video 4.4

DANIELLE: How's it going?

EMMA: Good.

DANIELLE: The state test is coming up soon. Remember our talk about the read aloud accommodation?

EMMA: Yeah.

DANIELLE: We talked about how it would help you show what you know on the math test. You'll be taking the test in Mr. Torres's room and he will do the read aloud part with you.

EMMA: Awww... I wish you could give it to me!

DANIELLE: But you like Mr. Torres too. I think it will be nice for you to do this test with him.

EMMA: Yeah. [Pause] Will he read out loud to me the same way you do?

DANIELLE: Yes, he will. You know, our school uses a form that we call the Assessment Accommodations Agreement. Why don't we fill this out together and list the accommodations you need and you can give it to Mr. Torres on test day. He knows that you need the read aloud accommodation on the math test—but it will remind him if he forgets anything.

EMMA: Ok. Good. Because I want to do a good job…