Module 5: Video 5.2

DANIELLE: Let's chat about testing last week. I talked with Mr. Torres. He said that it went well. How do you think it went?

EMMA: Good. Mr. Torres is nice.

DANIELLE: Did listening to Mr. Torres read the items aloud make it easier to understand the math questions?

EMMA: It helped me to think hard about the test. I didn't have to read the questions over and over…

DANIELLE: Do you mean that it took you a long time to think about how to solve the problem - rather than taking a long time to read the question?

EMMA: Yep. Nods head.

DANIELLE: Mr. Torres said that you were really interested in the science experiment he had set up for a class in the afternoon.

EMMA: It was so awesome. You should have seen the pulleys and levers.


EMMA: I tried to just look at my paper, and not to think about them—but you should have seen them! There was a huge pulley . . . and it looked like it was set up to lift a basket filled with money. Pennys and nickels and quarters . . I didn't see any dimes.

DANIELLE: It sounds like it was a little difficult to think about the test.

EMMA: Yep. Nods head.

DANIELLE: Thank you, Emma. I'm glad we talked about this. Let's go back to the group.