Module 5: Video 5.3

DANIELLE: Hi Bob. Thanks for coming over.

BOB: No problem.

DANIELLE: I bet you're happy that state testing is finally winding down.

BOB: Definitely. It's always a crazy time of year.

DANIELLE: Before testing, I talked with you about one of my students, Emma. She needed a read aloud accommodation for the mathematics test.

BOB: Refresh my memory…Emma is a seventh grader, right?

DANIELLE: Right. After testing, I talked with Emma and her test administrator, the Science teacher Ray Torres.

BOB: How did it go?

DANIELLE: Emma said that the accommodation helped her to focus on solving the problem. Ray said that it went well too, but he was concerned that Emma was distracted by "fun stuff" in his room. A few science experiments had been set up for later in the day.

BOB: Oh. That's too bad. Well, it sounds like we'll want to make some changes next time and make sure that we aren't putting kids into testing spaces that are distracting. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.