Lovett, B. J., & Harrison, A. G. (2021). De-implementing inappropriate accommodations practices . Canadian Journal of School Psychology , 36 (2), 115–126.

Journal Article

Lovett, B. J., & Harrison, A. G. (2021). De-implementing inappropriate accommodations practices. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 36(2), 115–126.


Accommodation/s not specified; Disabilities Not Specified; International (non-U.S.); K-12; Postsecondary; U.S. context




Accommodations were not specified; the focus of this expository literature review was on inappropriate accommodations practices, identifying factors leading to over-assignment of accommodations and offering a process for addressing this concern.


This review of literature incorporated research findings from North American (U.S. and Canada) sources, in the K–12 and postsecondary context.

Dependent Variable

This literature review and expository analysis had no relevant information on assessment measures. The authors identified possible factors that assessment personnel and school staff have recommended and provided accommodations not appropriate for the particular needs of students. They suggested the Integrated Model of School Consultation as a helpful conceptual framework, and applied the approach of functional behavioral assessment (FBA) for de-implementing inappropriate accommodations.


The authors asserted that the de-implementation of inappropriate accommodations requires general consultation skills and understanding what has caused and maintained the use of inappropriate accommodations. The authors described a process for addressing this problem, and offered several de-implementation procedures.