Al Boti, M. J., & E’layan, W. B. (2020). What’s the difference? Online and face-to-face authentic assessment strategy . Journal of Studies in Education , 10 (4), 63–75.

Journal Article

Al Boti, M. J., & E’layan, W. B. (2020). What’s the difference? Online and face-to-face authentic assessment strategy. Journal of Studies in Education, 10(4), 63–75.


Electronic administration; International (non-U.S.); K-12; Language; Middle school; No disability




Delivering assessments in an online format during distance education was compared to administering tests in a traditional in-person (face-to-face) setting.


Thirty-eight (38) students in grade 6 at a primary school for girls in Amman, Jordan participated. These participants were registered in an English class in the 2019–2020 school year. No disabilities were reported. Students participated in both in-person and online coursework across the academic year, taught by the same instructor.

Dependent Variable

Authentic assessment surveys rating the skills and task completion of each student across the different academic instruction formats were completed by the same teacher. English language skills on speaking, listening, reading, and writing were rated. Online authentic assessments included four components: submission of homework documenting learning, participation in video-based skill performance, completion of synchronous tasks in online space, and following teacher instructions during online delivery. Group means for the student participants were compared between the different authentic assessments across the academic year. The two assessments were highly correlated with one another.


Performance on online authentic assessments was significantly higher (by about 6%) than traditional in-person assessment surveys. The researchers concluded that the student participants demonstrated learning better when online assessments were completed. The researchers also commented about the dynamics of self-directed learning and teachers' use of technology-based information and tools.