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Assessment SSIPs/SIMRs

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)-required State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) is a comprehensive multi-year plan that states develop and report on annually to improve results for children with disabilities. In developing the SSIP, states use data to identify gaps in student performance, and analyze the state system. They then implement targeted, evidence-based practices to address the gap for the target population. As part of the SSIP, states are expected to align their focus on results with other improvement and reform initiatives occurring in the state.

The SSIP requires states to develop a State Identified Measurable Result (SIMR). It is to focus on an area that, when implemented or resolved, has the potential to improve outcomes for children with disabilities. Each state selected a SIMR in the first year (2015) of OSEP’s Results Driven Accountability (RDA) initiative, though it could change as appropriate in subsequent years. More than 40 states (both regular states and unique state entities, listed below) have selected a SIMR that is aligned to assessment.

This page includes links to the 2020 SSIPs/SIMRs for states with an assessment-related SIMR. States without links generally had non-assessment related SIMRs.

States SSIPs are also available at To locate the SSIP for a specific state and year:

1.Select: Part B, [year], [state] 

2.Then click on MS Word document. Next scroll to end of the document to Indicator 17

3.Click on the pdf for the SSIP (Indicator 17)

Unique State Entities