Data Informed Accessibility - Making Optimal Needs-based Decisions (DIAMOND): Partners & Staff


The DIAMOND project is funded by a U.S. Enhanced Assessment Instruments grant to the Minnesota Department of Education (#S368A150015) with a subcontract to the National Center on Educational Outcomes (#104284/PO3000012247).


The DIAMOND project is a partnership of nine state departments of education and the National Center on Educational Outcomes. Minnesota is the lead state, joined by Alabama, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

National Center on Educational Outcomes Staff

  • Deb Albus
  • Linda Goldstone
  • Debbie Hansen
  • Sheryl Lazarus
  • Kristi Liu
  • Michael Moore
  • Christopher Rogers
  • Martha Thurlow
  • Yi-Chen Wu
  • Erik Larson (Graduate Research Assistant)

State Department of Education Representatives

  • Minnesota: Cheryl Alcaya, Joan Breslin-Larson, Eric Kloos
  • Alabama: Nannette Pence
  • Connecticut: Joe Amenta
  • Maryland: Alicia Hodge
  • Michigan: Jennifer Paul
  • Ohio: Andrew Hinkle
  • West Virginia: Melissa Gholson
  • Wisconsin: Kristin Burton, Jesse Roberts
  • U.S. Virgin Islands: Alexandria Baltimore-Hookfin

Expert Panel Members

  • Anne Chartrand
  • Leanne Ketterlin-Geller
  • Judy Kraft
  • Caroline MaGee
  • Mike Russell
  • Alan Sheinker

Project Consultants

  • Kim Hartsell (External Evaluator)
  • Jane Krentz (NCEO Consultant)