Data Informed Accessibility - Making Optimal Needs-based Decisions


The DIAMOND project aims to improve the validity of assessment results and interpretations for students with documented needs by developing guidelines for making informed decisions about accessibility features and accommodations.

Research Activities

To better understand how teachers select accessibility features and accommodations for their students, DIAMOND project staff are conducting interviews with teachers and students, hosting online focus groups for educators, and analyzing state data.

Partners & Staff

The DIAMOND project is a collaboration of nine state departments of education and the National Center on Educational Outcomes. Staff members include education leaders and top researchers from around the country.

Publications & Presentations

The reports written by DIAMOND staff provide insight into the challenges that educators and students face when using and selecting accessibility features and accommodations, as well as the successful strategies they employ.

The DIAMOND project is supported by a contract from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE Award #104284), which is derived from a grant to MDE from the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (Award #S368A150015). The project is a part of the work of the National Center on Educational Outcomes. Opinions expressed on the DIAMOND website do not necessarily reflect those of MDE, the U.S. Department of Education, or Offices within those.