Improving Instruction for English Learners Through Accessibility Decision Making (Improving Instruction): Parent-Educator Toolkit

The parents of English learners need to be involved in decisions about accessibility features for their children. The Improving Instruction project has created several concise briefs to guide parents through this process. Print and audio versions of these briefs will soon be available in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Arabic.

Additional briefs for teachers and principals provide advice on how to make sure parents are included and listened to.

For Parents

Building Successful Communication Between Parent or Guardian and Teacher PDF

Working with Language Interpreters PDF

Accessibility Features and Accommodations PDF

For Teachers

Building Successful Communication Between Teacher and Parent or Guardian PDF

Working with Interpreters: Information for Teachers PDF

For Principals

Building Successful Partnerships Between the School Principal, Families, and Communities PDF

Working with Interpreters: Information for Principals PDF