Improving Instruction for English Learners Through Accessibility Decision Making (Improving Instruction): Partners

The Improving Instruction project is a collaboration between the National Center on Educational Outcomes and the West Virginia Department of Education.

Assistant Director

Sheryl Lazarus

Improving Instruction Staff

  • Charity Funfe Tatah Mentan
  • Linda Goldstone
  • Erik Larson
  • Darrell Peterson
  • Christopher Rogers
  • Martha Thurlow
  • Yi-Chen Wu
  • Jaime Jarmin (Graduate Research Assistant)

Former Improving Instruction Staff

  • Allyson Candee
  • Zhongkui Ju (Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Janet Stewart (Graduate Research Assistant)

West Virginia Department of Education Representatives

  • Mami Itamochi
  • Sonja Phillips

Expert Panel Members

  • Kathy Harris
  • Margaret Ho
  • Aimee Howley
  • Sharon Saez
  • Alan Sheinker
  • Cathy Thomas
  • Lynn Shafer Willner

Project Consultants

Pat Mueller and Vicki Zimmer (Evergreen Evaluation and Consulting)