Improving Instruction for English Learners Through Accessibility Decision Making (Improving Instruction): Training Module

Supporting English Language Learners Through Improved Accessibility Decision Making module

Students who are English learners represent one of the fastest growing groups in U.S. schools. These students, who have a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, are developing proficiency in English and learning grade-level content at the same time.

Students who are English learners, including those who also have a disability, sometimes need supports called accessibility features or accommodations in order to access grade-level content in classes and on tests. Accessibility features and accommodations, such as a bilingual dictionary or extra time, can help these students learn and demonstrate their knowledge.  The key is to determine which accessibility features or accommodations help support an individual student, given their characteristics, strengths, and learning needs.

The Improving Instruction for English Learners Through Accessibility Decision Making (Improving Instruction) project starts from the premise that educators, parents, and students who are English learners should collaborate in decisions about appropriate accessibility features and accommodations for an individual student. Two online teacher professional development modules and related materials help K-12 teachers learn how to facilitate high quality decision making about accessible instruction and assessment for English learners. One module is for elementary school teachers, and the other is for secondary school teachers.

Module users have access to a range of resources about accessibility decision making:

  • An e-learning module for elementary school teachers
  • An e-learning module for middle and high school teachers
  • A glossary
  • Discussion questions
  • Parent-educator toolkit materials
  • Additional videos from NCEO experts

 Module users can also:

  • Read about best practices for making accessibility decisions
  • Watch videos of fictional teachers following best practices
  • Implement those best practices with a fictional English learner

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