Accommodations For Students with Disabilities Bibliography: Definitions

The following are definitions for certain categories:

College Entrance Test: ACT, SAT, GRE, MCAT, etc.

Multiple Content: Some or all of the results are given without differentiating results for specific content areas of the test (e.g. math, reading, writing). 

Multiple Disabilities: Some or all of the results are given without differentiating results for students with specific disabilities (e.g. learning disability, mental retardation, visually impaired).

Multiple Age: Some or all of the results are given without differentiating results for students of particular grade levels (elementary, middle school, high school, etc.).

Multiple Accommodations: The study involved students using a combination of accommodations, or did not differentiate some or all of the results for students using different accommodations. 

No Age: The ages of participants in the study are not provided.

No Disability: Study included primarily students without disabilities as participants. Specific results for students with disabilities are not provided.

Teacher Survey: A survey study of educators' perceptions and/or use of accommodations.  

The Study Summaries:  Each accommodation study is summarized according to four main areas:

  1. Accommodation - A description of the accommodation studied
  2. Participants - A description of those who participated in the study (number of participants, grade, gender, ethnicity, disability status, etc.)
  3. Dependent Variable - A description of the specific test that was accommodated and other dependent variables used in the study
  4. Findings - A description of the major findings of the study