Accommodations For Students with Disabilities Bibliography: Introduction

The Accommodations Bibliography allows users to search a compilation of empirical research studies on the effects of various testing accommodations for students with disabilities.

You can perform a basic search of the bibliography for specific accommodation research studies by typing in keywords related to the accommodation, disability, test content area, or student age. Brief summaries of each study are provided, and include information on the accommodation, participants, dependent variable, and major findings of the study. There are over 800 documents in the bibliography, including research performed during the current year. For more information on how the studies where chosen for this bibliography, see Method for Identifying Accommodation Studies.

You can also perform an advanced search of the bibliography using drop down menus in categories such as journal name, research type, sample size, intended audience, research design, etc. There are also check box menus in categories such as percent of sample with disability, data analysis techniques performed, and research purpose.

[This database was first organized and developed by Sara Bolt and Martha Thurlow, further developed by Christopher Johnstone and Jason Altman, and most recently extended by Chris Rogers.]